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About One Loyalty Network

One Loyalty Network was created with you in mind, the consumer! We've developed state of the art technology that will allow you to make intelligent buying choices. Our goal is simple and straight forward: We want to save you money on your everyday purchases and we want to also provide a means for merchants to reward you for your purchases at their locations.

How do we save you money? It's simple, we've created our loyalty program to be easy for you to use and best of all, just one card or even just your phone does everything for you. That's right! You don't have to carry multiple loyalty cards for multiple merchants anymore. And as already mentioned, depending on the merchant, you may not even need a card!

Do you want to earn cash back at one merchant and use your earnings at another? You're in luck! With our proprietary, patent pending loyalty platform, that dream is now reality. But wait, we've taken it one step further, would you like to shop online at your favorite retailers, earn cash back on your purchase and then use it at a local brick and mortar business? You can do that too.

What do you do once you have your loyalty card or barcode number (for your mobile device)? Simply login to view in real time what loyalty programs and/or offers are available at the merchants you're assigned to. You can also view accurately what loyalty offers you've earned, or how close you are to earning those offers. Do you have a gift card or multiple gift cards to a particular merchant? You can see that too, all in one convenient location!



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