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About One Loyalty Network

One Loyalty Network is a mobile marketing company which specializes in sending text (SMS) and picture (MMS) messaging to mobile phones. Mobile messaging cost effectively matches sellers with customers. Every single mobile phone produced in the world supports text messaging without any additional configurations or app downloads.

This method of advertising allows media companies to sell advertising messages, coupons, vouchers while creating customer loyalty to relevant customers by type and location. Through product testing and limited launch, redemption rates have averaged 5%-40% while traditional coupons in newspapers, email blasts, and pop ups historically experience redemptions of .6% to 4%. The OLN proprietary software platform is extremely easy to use and simple to self-manage.

Our primary focus is to deliver relevant, timely content to the consumer’s mobile phone. We produce and make available several distinct products: (a) Proprietary Digital advertisements for Media/Newspaper; (b) Proprietary Digital Fundraising Cards to organizations such as schools and non-profit groups; (c) Proprietary Mobile deal Vouchers similar to a daily deal style; (d) A robust, Whitelabel Daily Deal and mobile platform (Similar to the Nimble Commerce Deal Platform) that integrates email and text messaging as a form of communication.

Our secondary focus is loyalty & rewards. We support local, brick and mortar and online loyalty programs for small and mid sized businesses. Our loyalty program is a one card, many merchant philosophy. Any merchant on our network supports your One Loyalty card. We also support gift cards and single use, stored value cards.



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