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Track Coupons & Deal Of The Day Vouchers

We realize that your corporate office prints coupons on your behalf. Or you sometimes place an ad in one of the local papers trying to get new customers in your door. Wouldn't it be nice to track your ROI (Return on Investment) or your MRR (Marketing Response Rate) of these coupons so you know if it's worthwhile to run these coupons again? Wouldn't you like to know exactly what business you've earned and what the customers did moving forward after using these coupons? Now you can!

Your Printed Coupons

By inputting your printed coupons into One Loyalty Network, we can track your ROI (Return on Investment) and MRR (Marketing Response Rate). We'll show you if it's worthwhile to print these coupons so you can make intelligent decisions moving forward in your business.

Your Competitor's Printed Coupons

Do you accept your competitor's coupons? You can easily track those and the business that has come through the door because of your competitors coupons. You can even track your business ROI (Return on Investment) from their printing too!

Deal Of The Day Voucher Redemption

One Loyalty Network is currently integrated with Daily Deal Pros, Inc for real time voucher redemption and online reporting. We can also import your deal of the day vouchers after you've run a Groupon™, Living Social™ or any other Daily Deal provider platform's vouchers. It's easy, it's intuitive and we can provide the marketing reports that these companies themselves won't provide to you. It's easy - try it out!


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