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7 Different Loyalty Programs at One Loyalty Network

At One Loyalty Network, your business can quickly and easily create and manage your customer loyalty and stored value/gift card platform. We have six different styles of loyalty programs that you can use at your business to mix and match for the perfect loyalty program combination! Whether it's a point per dollar program, number of actions/events, number of visits, buy x, get y, stored value/gift cards or cash back, we have the program that's perfect for your needs.

Traditional Points Per Dollar Loyalty Program

Points based loyalty programs are the most standard and widely used loyalty program styles used by businesses today. The points per dollar loyalty program is typically the most flexible, allowing the business owner to decide how many points are given to the consumer for each dollar spent and how many points are required to receive a reward. You can easily increase or decrease the number of points per dollar or the number of points required to earn and offer.
  • Set your own points per dollar ratio (How many points a customer gets for every dollar spent).
  • Set the number of points to redeem the rewards you're giving.
  • Set as many reward levels as you want (50 points gets 'A', 100 points gets 'B' etc).
  • Offer rewards based on points for your own products or services or anything else you can imagine.
  • Make your Traditional Points Per Dollar program more powerful by offering "Double Days". Double Days was designed to give double the points as would be normally earned for a purchase. Not only can you set Double Days to increase business during your slow times, but you can decide on days of the week and specify specific times in the day where Double Days points are added.

Number of Actions/Events Loyalty Program

A number of actions/events loyalty program is typically used to give rewards to customers for completing certain actions. For example, you may want to give your customer 10% off their next visit if they spend more than $50 in the current visit. You can easily manage this style of program at The One Loyalty Network.

Number of Visits Loyalty Program

A number of visits program is typical if you'd like to reward your customers after visiting your business X times. For example, if you'd like to give your customers a free pizza on the 7th visit, or you'd like to give your customers $10 off after 4 visits, the number of visits program is versatile enough to account for this type of program without you needing to physically count how many times that customer has been here. We do the legwork for you!.

Buy X, Get Y Loyalty Program

The buy X, get Y program is just what it sounds like, if your customers buy a certain item, they get a certain item. This is all defined by you, the business owner in your easy and intuitive business administration area.

Stored Value/Gift Card Program

Stored value/gift cards are included at The One Loyalty Network. You can choose to use them or opt not to. Our stored value/gift card program solves several of the problems associated with stored value/gift cards. First, if your customer loses their card, how do you replace it? How about if a customer is a loyalty member and they get a gift card as a gift? Instead of carrying two cards around, we can merge the gift card right into their loyalty card. To make it even one step easier, we can simply assign a gift card to the loyalty card from the get-go, so now it's in one convenient place from the start!

Cash Back Programs

Cash back can be earned at any merchant and can either be redeemed at any merchant, or we can specify a particular merchant. But wait, we're not done, we can specify that a portion of the cash back goes to a non-profit organization or school, or to a multitude of other businesses/consumers/group combinations etc.

Fundraising Cards

Please see our Digital Fundraising Card section for more information about our Fundraising Cards!


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