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Convenience Is In The Details...

Do you ever wonder why consumers are so skittish to sign up for a loyalty program, even at some of their favorite locations? It's simple - Card overhaul! It's really a pain to keep track of what loyalty cards they have in their wallet. The average consumer visits 15 to 20 merchants on a regular basis. There is the potential to visit many more on a non-regular basis. To participate in a loyalty program at each merchant has become a hassle and most consumers won't bother with a hassle, regardless if it is their favorite hot spot.

The One Loyalty Network has solved this problem. Our card is good at every participating merchant location. As mentioned before, plastic cards may not even be necessary. We simply assign one unique identifier to each user within the One Loyalty Network. From there, it's just a walk in the park to earn that vital information that is necessary for a successful loyalty program.

It's important to note that all merchant data is specific to that merchant. Even though our card is good everywhere within the One Loyalty Network, there is no cross sharing or loyalty programs or rewards!

One Card Good Everywhere

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