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Digital Fundraising Cards

Do you sell discount cards with a handful of discounts to merchants printed on the back? Why not make that paper fundraising card digital? Why not give your merchants the ability to actual track the customers that use the fundraising card? With our Digital Fundraising Card, you can!

Special Rewards

Our fundraising card allows one card to have an unlimited amount of fundraising options. It can even function as fundraising cards for multiple organizations at the same time, each displaying the appropriate discounts for at the merchants that participate.

Limited or Unlimited? That's The Question.

Do you have some merchants that want to offer a discount that can be only used a certain number of times? We can help! Do you have merchants that want to run their fundraising card discount without limitations? We can help! Do you have merchants that want to change an offer mid-fundraising season? We can help with that too! Because our card is digital, any and all changes are live and in real time.

The Pain Of Next Year's Sales

You worked so hard this year to sell as many cards as you could. How would you like to be able to reach out to all current card holders at the start of the next fundraising season and ask them to buy the new card, with the click of a mouse? That is a possibility once you're using our fundraising card. We can make the ease of reselling cards a breeze, all you need to do is be on our network!

Trackable To The Merchant

Many merchants want to know the stats of how the fundraising card performed. We can show them how often their offers were used, how much money was spent at the time of sale, how often those customers came back, and many other exiting items. If you're looking for the new age of fundraising cards and the ability to actually track the rewards associated, the One Loyalty Network is the fundraising card choice for you!


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